11 Life lessons learnt from the Champ-Muhammad Ali

by  Darpan Sachdeva

Last week the famous,one and only one ,The great Muhammad Ali  sadly passed away  but the legacy, as a person what he was and would be for the times and generations to come is just unmeasurable .The loss of the  Champ of the champions is huge.


Down below in the video- A Very Touching Tribute To Muhammad Ali by Billy Crystal

His life as one, teaches us so much to live by but down below are the 11 prominent lessons from him what are worth learning to live a life of fullness and abundance


mohd Ali


1. Turn your .Anger into power
At the age of 12, he was found seething with anger and vowing to “whup” the person who had stolen his bicycle. Joe Martin a police officer and boxing coach advised him to take up boxing before making such a move for self defence. The rest is history. What makes you Angry? You could turn that into power

2.It’s not the action that makes a thing right or wrong, but the purpose behind the action.

We must take ‘right’ action motivated by a purpose greater than ourselves. It must be a purpose designed to help others and to make for a better world.

If our purpose is selfish, its longevity will be unsustainable, but if it is given as an act of generosity, then who knows what power is emitted by such action?

Even when there were distractions around, he focused on training. Focus on what matters. In High School he graduated 376th out of a class of 391. He focused on his strength. The boxing ring and not the classroom.

4.To be able to give away riches is mandatory if you wish to possess them. This is the only way that you will be truly rich.

Giving back is the only way to true richness.More you are able to put the riches for the betterment of the people around you and the society as a whole ,the more rich you become.


Always trust your self.For Muhammad Ali,even when the media didn’t believe he would beat George Foreman in the famous Rumble in the jungle fight, he still believed that he was the greatest. Believe regardless of naysayers.

6.Be Your self.

You so not have to be what anyone else wants you to be.To be me is to be free. Break all chains that seek to entangle you – whether it be parental expectations, organizational demands or societies conformities. You are unique, and in order to operate in that uniqueness you must resist conformity if you are to truly embrace your destiny.

7. Love is a net that catches hearts like a fish.

Let love do its powerful work within you. Love draws. Love attracts. Love builds. Love heals. Love captivates.Love is a  heat that will warm the hearts of generations.

8.Impossible is nothing
“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact.

It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential.
Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

9.It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.

Take time to pause a moment in order to remove any pebbles you may have picked up along the way. These can take the form of small bad habits, seeds of unforgiveness, lack of discipline, secret fears, or even devious doubts.

Pull aside, even for a moment. Address them. Deal with them. Destroy them. For many a mountaineer has fallen to their death because of an unaddressed pebble. Deal with the pebbles in your life decisively, and you will conquer many more mountain tops.

10.Hard work and dedication
Angelo Dundee Champs’s trainer said he was always first in the gym and last to leave. “He’d even come to train when he wasn’t fighting…He was like a student of boxing. He’d find out how champs trained, how much they ran, how they ate before and stuff like that.”

“His roadwork was twice as much as what he needed, his sparring twice as much as he needed. If he was gonna fight 15 rounds, he’d spar for 30,” Justin Fortune, a boxing trainer, conditioning coach said.
The fallen champion also once said, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

When asked how many sit-ups he did, he responded, “I don’t count my sit-ups. I only start counting when it starts hurting. That is when I start counting, because then it really counts. That’s what makes you a champion.”

His daughter Laila Ali reflecting on what she learned from her father “I learned that in order to be the best, you have to work harder than the rest”.

11. Old age is just a record of one’s whole life.

What does your record look like thus far? Every day we breathe we are writing the next page that will be included in the volume called, ‘My life’.

Within its record will be scribbles, mistakes, smudges, scratchings, all mixed up with moments of great joy, eloquence, sadness, wisdom and folly. But by the time we reach the last page – may it end with the words, ‘I have lived a full and fulfilled life – read and learn from my mistakes – and for the rest of the success story contained – there went I, but by the grace of God.’


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