(Video) Steven Spielberg Commencement address-2016 at Harvard University

by Darpan Sachdeva

Steven Speilberg

My whole hearted true appreciation  and love for Steven Spielberg has again taken a new height after listening to through his commencement address at Harvard university this year.



There is so much to take home from his speech here and i do hope this would add a true value to our “Human” beings.

The lessons  gathered  here are:

1.Education is important and its never too late to learn in life.

2 Listen to your inner voice and intuition.

3.Do not turn away from whats painful.Examine it and then challenge it.

4.Know your past.

5.Do not let your morals be swayed away by convenience and expediency.

6.Make good friends.

7.Love,Support,Courage,Intuition are very important.

8 Seek a future of Justice and Peace.

9.Stay humanly connected .

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