(Motivational Video) Be Remembered – Greg Plitt’s Vision on life

by Darpan Sachdeva


Greg flitt ,led an amazaing motivated life of a legend.Down below in the video by Mateus M, he shares his advice for those who are struggling in life through hard times


                             Greg Plitt vision on life –  Every word said is a jewel !!!

I think if one can go through life with no regrets, then they have lived a good life. Easy to say, harder to live, but once lived, even for a moment, it rewards you with a tremendous amount of fulfillment. Everyone comes to the crossroads in their lives and the decision that one makes to chose one path over the other is the decision that will ultimately haunt them or reward them. The reason for a past decision revealing itself in the future to haunt you is because of the criteria used to determine the decision. When the criteria used to make a decision at the crossroads is weighted by expressions like: “what is the safe choice,” “what makes me comfortable,” or “what if I fail;” you can bet a percentage of your potential will forever be lost and unexplored as it is left back at that crossroad in life. Many will choose to ignore and forget the moment and continue on with life. The problem is that shortly afterwards they will cash out on their childhood dreams of becoming that someone as they settle with what is left and available in life.

When coming to the crossroads to life, the last thing you want to do is look at is the first hundred yards to either path. The first hundred yards will show a beaten path on one side and a path less traveled on the other. This knowledge will cause your decision to be prejudged into which path is easier, not which path is best for you. It is better to look into the horizon and see if your goal is out there waiting for someone to capture it. Someone has to get it, why not you. Not always, but you will find your goal is along the path less traveled. The hardest step is the first one, after that first step you never look back physically, and as for mentally, you will never look back with regret or ever wonder “what if” for you choose a path based on the end state and not the temporary conditions at hand.

Along the path, you will find the width narrows and the walls get closer and closer as you feel the pressure of life on your shoulders. You will notice that the only one along with you on this path ultimately is your shadow. As the pressure builds you rely on your confidence and ability to push through, once through the first pressure plate of life, you find you have some newly developed confidence to who you are. This confidence is a perishable characteristic, but one that will be shortly called upon because the path only gets thinner and thinner as the incline gets steeper and steeper. As this path ends and you reach your goal, you realize that the journey was more rewarding then the goal itself as your confidence is so high you feel you can overcome anything. Granted, as you began the journey, you were scared and nervous, you didn’t know if you had what it took to make it, but you didn’t let that be the deciding point of whether or not to pursue your goal. At the top now looking back on the journey, you know more about who you are inside than ever before. Along the journey you remember hitting a few walls you could not negotiate on your first try. A small set back, but due to your character you don’t look at it as failure, you look at it as a representation of where you currently are and what is needed for you to improve yourself in order to overcome the immediate wall in your life.

Far too many people look at failure in a negative way. Sure, it has all the negative connotations to it, but what is also has is a report card on where you came up short. That is the beauty of failure. What you do with it will determine how successful you are in your life. You will never know where your ability lacks and falls short unless you challenge yourself and push yourself past your current comfort zone. You wouldn’t get into the car and start driving without knowing where you were going would you? How then does one expect to improve themselves in whatever endeavor they are embarking upon without knowing what areas are needed to be improved upon? Be careful on settling into a comfort zone for too long or too early in life. A comfort zone will numb your senses and desire to succeed, cause you to settle out in your mind of what could have been. So, in that sense, they are danger zones, but if you are content with yourself and who you are, then accept them for what they are and enjoy your retirement. As for failure, it sucks when you give it your all and still come up short, but get over it. At least you are one of the very few that actually tried, and even though you didn’t succeed on the first try, you now know where you need to improve so the next time you do succeed.

There will always be critics in your life. The bigger you become, the larger the population will grow with them. They will beat you down at the first sign of any shortcoming on your part. If there isn’t any shortcomings then they will make them up or do anything to bring you down. Laugh at these people and feel sorry for them, for they are the ones who never tried, the ones who chose the path that was easiest to them, ones that lived in a comfort zone and are now trying to justify their life by turning your courage into stupidity to help bring peace to the haunting memories of when they had a chance to be something and passed on


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