by  Darpan Sachdeva

The 5 secrets of winning in life discussed here are so true.I would personally agree to each one of them.

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Wrong place, wrong time, wrong thoughts, wrong settings and wrong actions is the progressive  downward  path to losing any thing in life or achieving failure out of life, while Right place, right time, right thoughts, right settings and right actions is the progressive upward path to winning any thing in life or achieving success.


Where you are right now has a big role to play in your life because you can never find the right the in the wrong place. If you find yourself in a hole and that’s not where you want to be then stop digging if you want to get out and continue digging if you want to go deeper. Discover where you are in life because a lot of people are always ignorant or they neglect where they are in life. If that’s where you want to be and you are happy continue to do what you’ve always done but if not stop where you are right now no matter how far you have gone because you can’t succeed while moving in the wrong direction no matter how fast you go.


For everything there is a season and a time for every activity in life. (Eccl3:1) There are seasons and times of preparations in your life for the future ahead. Study all the books, learn all the skill and sow seeds for what you want in future and never waste  a season or time in your life because harvest time will come in the future and you will reap what you sow if you do not give up.


The setting of our life always produce certain results in our life. A busy parent with little or no time will always have wayward children when they are not very careful about who their children spend time with during their busy days. A busy husband or wife will always fall into the trap of cheating on another when they are too busy for themselves. Build your team of positive people who will watch your back, advice you and guide you on what’s happening in your life.


Our thoughts always give birth to our actions in life.The Bible says, “As he (a person) thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7) When we think right thoughts, we do right things, and we have right feelings. But when we think wrong thoughts, we do wrong things and have wrong or unpleasant feelings.


The world will reward you for your actions not because of your thoughts or knowledge. Our actions in life always guarantee our results in life. Don’t eat the devil’s food or any food you are not entitled to eat because it comes with a price after the meal which is the pain of regret and death. There is no FREE lunch in life. I believe the fruits on the tree that we must reach for is much sweeter than that which falls to our feet. Growing, reaching, stretching and trying new things is the best way of life. Always take actions towards a known outcome associated to your purpose in life every single day of your life. 



Just because you failed several times is a good reason why you should try again because you have the courage to do it and a lot of people are still where they are in life because of fear failure or success, failing doesn’t make you a failure but quitting in the game of life make you a failure, because you dropped out of school doesn’t make you a drop out in the game of life, don’t give up because no one know the time when the tides will change and things will turn around for your good. Don’t accept any excuse or defeat in life. No one can predict your future but only you can create the future you want in the right seasons and opportunities.

Blog PhotoDarpan Sachdeva is the CEO and Founder of Nobelthoughts.com. With a long time passion for Entrepreneurship, Self development & Success, Darpan started his website with the intention of educating and inspiring like minded people all over the world to always strive for success no matter what their circumstances.To keep going and never get disheartened and learn from every adversity.

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